Back in Action
Hello World! Long_John_Steven 00:18.17
Buttslide Basics Zeee 00:18.24
Loop of Destiny wee ady d 00:23.79
Back 2 Back wee ady d 00:23.15
Hot Feet Dempsey 00:24.36
Betsy's Challenge Zeee 00:18.57
Swan Henk's Bonus Zeee 00:17.35
WR total time: 02:23.63
Throttle Wide Open
The Classic wee ady d 00:23.46
Sweet Flow Zeee 00:19.45
Multipath MaranTheLemon 00:21.31
Pro Skater MaranTheLemon 00:18.39
Wall Tricks Zeee 00:21.60
Boxing Betsy's Challenge Dempsey 00:22.05
Corporate Betsy's Bonus brookz 00:18.99
WR total time: 02:25.25
The Fever
Tornado Dempsey 00:22.97
Spaghetti wee ady d 00:29.09
Boing! Zeee 00:19.71
Easy Peasy wee ady d 00:21.17
Party Hardy wee ady d 00:27.45
Neil's Challenge wee ady d 00:27.99
Gabber Betsy's Bonus Zeee 00:14.66
WR total time: 02:43.05
Hold on Tight
Getting Hooked Dempsey 00:13.27
Smooth Swinging wee ady d 00:15.72
Halfway Hook wee ady d 00:14.84
The Drop wee ady d 00:14.38
Close Call MaranTheLemon 00:19.89
Betsy's Hook Challenge wee ady d 00:21.35
IT Neil's Bonus Long_John_Steven 00:09.22
WR total time: 01:48.67
Spooky Times
Gotta Ghost Fast! wee ady d 00:18.69
Wicked Waves Dempsey 00:20.19
Cursed Curves Zeee 00:19.84
Deadly Drops Dempsey 00:19.13
Tricks & Treats Zeee 00:17.34
Kentony Challenge Dempsey 00:28.47
Zombie Neil's Bonus Zeee 00:14.47
WR total time: 02:18.12
No Diving
Rise 'n Shine wee ady d 00:25.27
Pipe 'n Slide Zeee 00:22.40
Quick Tricks Meguminx_ 00:10.41
Wave Rider Zeee 00:26.63
Down the Tube wee ady d 00:24.21
Lifeguard Betsy's Challenge wee ady d 00:27.25
Summer Henk's Bonus Activy 00:11.47
WR total time: 02:27.65
Feet in the Sand
Deep Dive brookz 00:25.85
The Plunger |lDgAl|HeXeRMaN 00:18.63
The Big Climb wee ady d 00:26.27
Sand Snails Zeee 00:21.74
Leap of Faith Zeee 00:11.46
Cedar's Challenge wee ady d 00:21.39
Rastafro's Bonus wee ady d 00:17.26
WR total time: 02:22.60
King of the Jungle
Full Swing Ahead Zeee 00:17.45
Hook Maze |lDgAl|HeXeRMaN 00:12.95
Throwback Zeee 00:13.76
Flappy Swing Zeee 00:17.60
Right Round, Baby wee ady d 00:18.20
Jungle Cedar's Challenge MaranTheLemon 00:23.10
Tribal Cedar's Bonus Zeee 00:13.31
WR total time: 01:56.37
Night Crisis
Sick Burn Zeee 00:23.47
Full Stop Zeee 00:18.81
The Wall Zeee 00:29.54
Spinebreaker Zeee 00:22.94
Pinball wee ady d 00:24.75
Kentinator's Challenge wee ady d 00:31.64
Afronaut's Bonus wee ady d 00:13.29
WR total time: 02:44.43
Back to the City
Transition Kings wee ady d 00:22.20
Hardcore Hooks wee ady d 00:25.54
Hi-Speed Hysteria wee ady d 00:27.64
The Ultimate Test wee ady d 00:30.89
The Way of the Ninja Zeee 00:37.00
90s Henk Redemption wee ady d 01:04.91
Action Hank's Bonus wee ady d 01:31.11
WR total time: 04:59.28
All I want for Henkmas
The Highway Dempsey 00:17.41
Back and Forth Zeee 00:18.48
Slidey Slidey Zeee 00:22.99
Bumper Jumper Zeee 00:22.24
The Zigzag wee ady d 00:16.79
Santa Henk's Challenge Dempsey 00:19.77
Henkdolph's Bonus Zeee 00:15.09
WR total time: 02:12.76
Credits wee ady d 00:53.85
Overall Leaderboard wee ady d 28:25.23