Low Gravity
The gravity is divided by two.
Inverted Controls
Left is swapped with right. Jump is swapped with slide.
Blind Mode
The screen, except a small circle around your character, is black.
The game is rendered several times, each moving independently with pinkish colours. Like if you had LSD.
Your character's speed is doubled.
Double Jump
Your character can jump again in mid-air.
Super Jump
The power of your character's jumps is doubled.
Sticky Walls
Your character walks on the walls as if it was on the floor.
Down Smash
When you press the slide button, the gravity is tripled.
First Person
The camera is place at your character's head, like if you were it.
Opposite Camera
The camera is on the other side of the track.
Imagine playing on a Gameboy Advance.
Rotating Camera
The camera rotate around the roll axis so your character is always head up.
Your character is invisible.